Popular tze char store Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen that is open for 4 hours daily reopens after a hiatus

Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen has a low profile in the media but it isn’t necessarily because of their organic recruitment of loyal fans. The elderly couple that helms the store built their business based on the influx of regular foodies that crave and appreciate their old-school plates of wok-hey tze char.

Located in the green section of Chinatown Complex, they are notoriously infamous for long waits due to their popularity. And when they closed all of a sudden, many were left confused. Now that they’re back in business, prep in advance for the long queues that everyone has been waiting for! I can tell you that it would be so worth it.

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The stall is owned by an elderly couple, Hong and his wife. Hong himself runs a one-man-show, from cleaning all the ingredients to churning out dishes upon every order, he is truly the maestro of his hectic hawker stall. For them, peak hour lasts for 4 consecutive hours considering their limited opening hours of just 4 hours! Cooking without rest must be tiring.

From an Instagram post up on 2 Dec 2022, it was revealed that the store reopened after closing for several months because the lady boss was recovering from an injury. However, those who did not know of this news sparked some worry and rumours that the stall might be closed. Fret not though, I only come with good news for us, because they are back and as busy as ever!

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One thing that I await is a delicious dish that is very commonly seen during Chinese meals. Their Sweet and Sour Pork (S$7) is totally different and of a higher quality as compared to most tze char stalls. Their ku lou yok is marinated with hawthorn instead of artificially sweetened ketchup and has a sense of smokiness to it from the random charred edges. Hawthorn gives it a flavour that allows diners to savour the natural sweetness of the pork. Accompanied with onions, peppers and preserved lemon peel, Hong perfects our favourite dish.

Uncle Hong also churns out many off-menu dishes at the store, so you could try suggesting something like sweet and sour fried fish and maybe he could whip it out specially for you! Furthermore, a fun fact about Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen is that nearly all their dishes come in claypots— how uncanny.

As I write this, I honestly can’t contain my excitement as I can’t wait to go down and savour his magical wok-hey tze char! One word of advice is to be patient with him and not rush him while he’s cooking; spread love and patience in times like this especially when you know that he’s handling the store on his own. Welcome back, Uncle!

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