Popular stall Nian Nian You Yu known for single steamed fish sets permanently closes

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Nian Nian You Yu was opened in Apr 2022 by 2 young male hawkers serving steamed fish sets that were befitting for single diners. Unfortunately, this popular hawker stall at Maxwell Food Centre no longer exists.

nian nian closed - stall

The owners are Issac Lim, 28, and Eric Kee, 30— both of whom have tons of experience in the Food & Beverage industry. The seemingly-popular stall had no problems with footfall, gaining a sizeable queue daily even before the shutters of the stall were opened.

We visited them in September 2022 before they announced in an Instagram post on 22 Oct 2022, stating that they would be relocating to another hawker stall from 30 Oct 2022 onwards.

nian nian closed - stall front

On 9 Dec 2022, they finally reopened at their new location just a few units away from their old place and things seemed to be back on track.

There was no official Instagram or Facebook post about their closure except for the words ‘We’re closed for good thank you everyone for the support!’ on the bio line of their official Instagram page.

Netizens were confused. One individual commented that just last week, the stall was still opened.

nian nian closed - comments

Another stated that he was at the hawker centre the day before and the shutters weren’t open.


nian nian closed - comments 3

So, what might have happened? I can only come up with a couple of possibilities.

Firstly, monthly overheads might have been too high even though business was still good. Secondly, there might have been an unsolved dispute between the 2 owners.

nian nian closed - food overview

For those who are unfamiliar with the stall, they used to sell steamed fish like Seabass (S$8) and Pomfret (S$8) which came with rice and soup. There were also à la carte dishes like Steamed Tiger Prawns W/ Lala & Vermicelli (S$10) and Lala (S$6/S$8).

Whatever happened, we wish them well and let’s hope that they’ll return in the near future.

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