Poke Theory: 1 for 1 deals & free bowls on 16 Sep 2022 at new outlet opening in Suntec City

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If you don’t already know of the rainbow bowls that have quickly become an island favourite, here’s us introducing you to Poke Theory. You can now pick up Poke Bowls, Acai Bowls, and a lot more at the newest outlet opening in Suntec City Mall on 16 Sep 2022. That’s not all— along with a new spot comes exciting promos that I recommend everyone to take full advantage of. 

So what’s a poke bowl exactly? It’s originally a Hawaiian dish that’s greatly influenced by Japanese cuisine. It traditionally involves cubes of tuna along with seaweed and Hawaiian salt. Poke Theory gives us bowls with a modern twist that can be adjusted according to the specifications of every foodie. You don’t even have to choose seafood for this if you don’t want to!  

Poke Theory - close up of poke bowls

Mark your calendars as Poke Theory’s opening promo sure is worth it. For the first 50 customers, you get a bowl on-the-house! If you’re not up on time, you still get to enjoy its one-for-one poke bowls offer that’s valid for the whole day.

Poke Theory - close up of poke bowls

For the BYO Poke Bowls, they are all available for S$13.90 each and a bit extra if you decide to go with special sauces or extra toppings. You get to pick from a selection of pokes like Spicy Garlic Sesame Tuna, Mentaiko Mayo Salmon, Original Shoyu Tuna, and much more. You make it your own by choosing your favourite toppings, bases, garnishes, sauces, and also premium toppings if you wish to. There’s even a vegan option— Avocado Poke Bowl, and one for the chicken lovers— Sous Vide Dashi Chicken

Poke Theory - close up of poke bowls

If you’re too lazy and just want something that’s ready for you to dig into, splurge a little and go for the Signature Poke Bowls (S$15 each). A few of the choices include Green Goodness, O.G Tuna, Spicey Lifey, and Mentaiko Madness

Feel like something on the sweeter side? There are the Acai Bowls (S$8.90 each). I’m loving their witty names like All Or Nuttin’, Choc A Lot, Please and Spring Fling. The offer is available between 10am to 10pm on opening day, and with all these on the menu, I’m definitely heading down to snatch a free bowl. Be sure not to miss out on yours too! 

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