Ping Xin-tao's son gives response to Chiung Yao

4 Aug - Crown Culture Publishing Ping Yun, son of publishing mogul Ping Xin-tao, recently stated that he and his siblings have no issue reconciling with stepmother Chiung Yao as long as they can communicate with each other.

As reported on UDN, Ping, who spoke to the media about Chiung's new book and her recent statement about wanting a reconciliation, stated that the Ping children have never questioned her sincere feelings for their father, only that they have opposing views in protecting the person they love.

"As long as she is okay with it, we can communicate and understand each other better," he said.

Ping stated that the issue has always been about how they perceive Ping's condition.

"My father is not dying, non-vegetative, nor unconscious. Chiung's book is about "hospice care and euthanasia", but my father can still communicate in a simple way with the doctor and his children. He doesn't meet the requirement for hospice care," he said.

Ping also responded to Chiung's statement that intubation will not restore her husband to his former self, saying that the intubation is necessary to allow his father's condition to remain stable and improve slowly.

"This is the issue. We have different positions. It's difficult to communicate," he said.

As for Chiung's decision to pull her titles from Crown, Ping Yun stated that the company received a letter from Chiung's lawyer on 27 June asking for all the books to be returned to her.

He shared that Chiung has never signed a written contract with Crown before, because of her marital status to his father. According to civil law, publisher has the right to sell out the inventory if an author wants to recover the rights. However, they have decided to respect Chiung's wishes and will return all the copies to her.

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