Philip Keung gets another chance to win HKFA

13 Feb – Although he lost last year's Best Supporting Actor award to Eric Tsang, it seems that Philip Keung may have the chance to try and win it again this year with two nominations in the same category.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who has never won a HKFA award in his 33 years of acting, was revealed to have been nominated for his roles in "Concerto of the Bully" and "Shock Wave".

When asked of his thoughts about the double nominations, Philip responded, "I was surprised and happy. When my manager sent me a congratulatory message, my wife just couldn't stop crying."

Philip also thanked "Shock Wave" director Herman Yau and producer Andy Lau for their support.

"Sometimes I still doubt my own strength, but I will certainly enjoy the whole process," he added.

Last year, Philip won his first ever award for his role in the aforementioned movie at the 2017 PROFIMA International Film Fest & Awards in Malaysia.

(Photo Source: Philip Keung Facebook)