Part 3: True Singapore ghost stories, really

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Grandmaster Chew, a “ghostbuster” and owner of “Ghostbuster”, a geomancy consultancy shop located in Katong Shopping Centre, comes back with more ghostly tales to haunt the weak and humble the brave! This time round, his son and disciple, Master Jeroen Chew, also shared a story of his own…

The importance of fulfilling promises

Back in 2015, Grandmaster Chew retells the story of an Indian client who frantically sought out his help. The man has been facing strange incidents in his flat. Without fail at midnight every day, his kitchen tap will turn on on its own. This carried on for a full year, as he sought out plumbers and masters from different faiths to assist him. He finally approach Grandmaster Chew after exhausting multiple options.

Once the man sat in front of Grandmaster Chew, he took a look into his life. Without prompting, Grandmaster Chew drew out the layout of his flat and said to him, “There are many child spirits in your house who are turning on the tap in your house every night.”

Water running from tap at night.
Water running from tap at night.

He continued. “There is also a Hindu deity standing behind these child spirits. He looks angry. He’s the one commanding them to do these hauntings.”

Delivering the sucker punch, he finally got to the crux of the situation. “Have you asked any Hindu deity to grant your wishes? After it’s done, did you fulfilled your promise to the deity?”

Upon hearing this, the client’s face turned white. He confessed that several years ago, he had prayed at a Hindu temple for the deities to help him in his business and to grant him prosperity. He thrived but forgotten his promise to the deities.

Grandmaster Chew then advised him on the importance of integrity, and how it’s important to fulfil promises, be it big or small. He sent him off back to the Hindu temple to apologise to the deity and seek its forgiveness, which ultimately paved a clearer path forward for his client.

Hindu deity statue and candle.
Hindu deity statue and candle.

A father’s legacy

Grandmaster Chew is not alone in his calling. His son and disciple, Master Jeroen Chew, did not fall far from the tree and has interesting stories of his own. He recalls an interesting incident when he visited a client’s home for a home audit.

Master Jeroen Chew at Ghostbuster.
Master Jeroen Chew at Ghostbuster.

Bala was a software engineer in a major company. Since his father passed away, he has been facing many problems and obstacles. He found that relations with his superiors were difficult, and they made things difficult for him such as transferring the unwilling Bala to the night shift. Short of quitting his job and at his wits end, Bala decided to seek out the help of Grandmaster Chew who promptly directed Master Jeroen Chew to conduct an audit in Bala’s house.

“When auditing a geomancy, we will usually look at the altar table first. This is because the altar table can have a profound effect on one’s luck,” Master Jeroen said.

“In this case, when I entered the altar prayer room, I could see that there was an orange robe beneath the altar table. I proceed to ask Bala why there was a orange robe under his altar table and whether the robe belonged to his deceased father.”

Old orange rope.
Old orange rope.

Bala replied that he did not keep any of his father’s belongings and there should not be anything under the altar table. However, at Master Jeroen Chew’s insistence, he opened up the cupboard beneath the altar table and to his astonishment, found his father’s old orange robes, used for Hindu ceremonies, parked right there.

Master Jeroen then explained that as he had kept the robe and did not burn it when his father passed away, his father’s spirit was lingering in front of his altar table looking for his robe. This in turn affected Bala’s luck and fortune.

To help Bala, he conducted a ritual to cleanse Bala’s house and burn the orange robes. Two weeks after the session, Master Jeroen received some good news from Bala. His superior, the very same one who had been giving him problems, was transferred out of his department. And even better, he was promoted to his superior’s position. Till this day, he remains a loyal client at Ghostbuster.

This content was produced in partnership with Ghostbuster.

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