Pakho Chau: My wife is the real Wonder Woman!

31 Dec – Miriam Yeung might have played Wonder Woman in his hit TVB series "Wonder Women" but according to Pakho Chau, his wife Stephanie Chu would always be his real-life Wonder Woman.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who sat down for an interview recently, shared that in addition to taking care of both of their families, his wife sacrificed a lot and was the main reason that he was able to achieve success in his career.

"My wife is very organised and rational, and is very good at crisis management. Whenever I have any problem, she is there to provide remedy and solve the issue," he said.

Pakho also stated that Stephanie was very understanding of his singing and acting career, and would never express any jealousy or concern whenever he has to do intimate scenes in his movies or television dramas.

"Of course, as a wife, she would rather not let her husband be chummy with other women. But she understands the necessity for work. Even when I am unable to accompany her because of work, she never complains," he said.

Pakho stated that he also felt that he has wronged his wife at times, like how he wasn't even participating fully in the preparation of their wedding due to his busy schedule filming "Line Walker 2".

"This is what I regret the most. I didn't even accompany her to her bridal fitting. I asked my staff to take a picture of her in the dress and send it to me. I couldn't help but feel saddened when I see the photo because we should have been together at that moment. I apologised to her, but she comforted me instead. I am really grateful to her," he said.

(Photo source: Pakho Chau Instagram)