‘Old Money Blonde’ Is Set To Be This Season’s Most Wanted Hair Colour

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Old Money Blonde Is The Hair Colour Of The SeasonDarren Gerrish

Blonde hair is the one thing that never, ever goes out of style. Instead, it just keeps coming back around in new iterations. The latest case in point? Old money blonde.

Characterised as a soft, sun kissed shade that blends seamlessly with your natural hair colour, it’s a colour that’s been doing the rounds on the red carpets and that’s been seen on celebrities including Margot Robbie, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sofia Richie Grainge. Plus, it’s been particularly sought after thanks to the fact it’s relatively low maintenance compared to other types of blonde hair, especially a traditional full head of highlights.


What is old money blonde hair?

‘The definition of old money blonde comes from the contrast of cool and warm shades that create soft ribbons of colour, adding light and shade to the hair,’ says Calum Tierney, hair expert at Living Proof. Tom Smith, trend forecaster and global director at Evo Hair concurs, adding that this particular shade ‘is all about luxurious and rich tones’.

One of the (many) good things about old money blonde is its versatility combined with the amount of people it’ll suit. ‘It’s great for anybody who’s already blonde and wants to adapt their shade for spring, as well as those with darker hair looking to transition to a lighter blonde,’ says Tierney. ‘It follows a less-is-more approach, creating a lived-in colour that has lighter tones around the face. It’s perfect for clients who want to move away from a traditional full head of highlights.’

sofia richie grainge old money blonde hair
courtesy of Sofia Richie Grainge via Instagram

How to ask for old money blonde hair

‘To achieve the old money blonde shade, ask your colourist for a look that’s melted, natural and seamless,’ says Damien Gray, colourist at Hersheson’s Belgravia. ‘If your hair is lighter to begin with, you might want to use words like golden, creamy and bright, but if it’s darker, you’re better asking for rich, caramel, mocha and honey tones – but the real emphasis is on ensuring that you’re working with and enhancing your own natural features.’

Smith goes on to note that the key to successfully creating this old money shade of blonde is that the tones should blend into each other. ‘There shouldn’t be any tell-tale signs of highlighting, that way the look will ooze quality and wealth,’ he explains.

How to look after old money blonde hair

It goes without saying that the aftercare and maintenance of any coloured hair is of vital importance. Not only to ensure your hair is in the healthiest possible condition that it can be, but also it help extend the vibrancy and life of the colour.

‘Keep things simple by adding a bond builder, like Living Proof’s Triple Bond Complex, £42, between colour appointments, and follow it with a weekly deep conditioning mask and clarifying shampoo for the best results,’ says Gray.

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