Offday Coffee and GAMO Collaboration Set exclusive from 17 Mar to 16 Apr 2023, at Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar

Offday Coffee and GAMO collaborate together to introduce an exclusive limited edition bundle item for the Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar, from 17 Mar to 16 Apr 2023.

Many are already stoked for the Ramadan season, with many bazaars and seasonal deals to look forward to. Now, there is 1 more thing to be excited for!

Offday Coffee GAMO collab — items
Credit – OffDay Coffee, GAMO

Having done events like Mak Besar and Twilight Feast, there is no doubt that Offday Coffee knows exactly what drinks would suit the crowd. Here’s a fun fact: they are also the team behind GAOSYP, which also has a booth in the Ramadan Kampong Gelam Bazaar!

GAMO, the other half of this spectacular collab, is a Muslim-owned bakehouse that fuses Japanese and French flavours together. In particular, their laminated goods show their bakers’ clear skill and attention to incredible detail— I can’t help but be starry eyed.

Offday Coffee GAMO collab — Bundle

With Offday Coffee and GAMO’s joint effort comes the limited edition bundle made for this year’s Ramadan! Featuring Offday’s Ramadan Special drink, Dirty Bandung, with GAMO’s special Hanami Cronut, this Ramadan Bundle (S$12.50) comprises a snack and a drink that is bound to satisfy.

The Dirty Bandung is the old classic Bandung we all know and love, paired with espresso shots. For the lactose intolerant folks, this drink is made with Oatside Oatmilk, so you will still be able to enjoy this exclusive bundle. I believe that this drink is truly a ‘Eureka’ moment, as the sweetness of the rose syrup would counter with the acidity of the coffee, creating a drink with remarkable balance.

Offday Coffee GAMO collab — Hanami Cronut

The Hanami Cronut has a French vanilla crème pâtissière filling, which is said to give a luscious lingering sweetness in your mouth. The cronut, said to be a croissant condensed in donut form, has flaky, buttery layers that would complement the creamy filling immensely well.

The bundle can be found at the Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar from 17 Mar to 16 Apr 2023. Be sure to check out this collab item as well as the rest of the stalls at the Ramadan Bazaar!

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