Non-Rich People Are Sharing Subtly Obvious Signs Of Wealth, And Honestly, It's Pretty Eye-Opening

For people who grew up pretty well off, it can be easy to overlook your privileges. But for others who weren't quite as fortunate, those privileges can be all too obvious.

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And a lot of the time, wealth shows itself in little, not so blatant ways. (At least not so blatant to the people who are lucky enough to have/experience them.) /

Well, recently, Reddit user u/phiggie asked in r/AskReddit: "Redditors who grew up poor, what do you associate with being rich?" Here are some of the examples people gave:

1."Those fridges with the water dispenser on it."


2."Being able to buy something you need without having to ask yourself how badly you need it."


3."Knowing what a duvet cover is and owning one."


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Robert Daly / Getty Images

4."Going to a store to pick out furniture. Like, actually buying NEW stuff, not just taking whatever you can find at thrift stores or garage sales. That seems so luxurious!"


5."Scheduling regular doctor's office visits or seeing a dentist for anything other than an emergency."


6."Hiring movers. Especially if they're the ones who pack all your shit for you too."


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Kiwis / Getty Images/iStockphoto

7."Not knowing EXACTLY how much money you have at any given time."


8."Eating pizza because you want to, not because it's $2."

"That, and mom eating along with us normally instead of pretending that the crust is her favorite part and that's why she'd eat the crust we'd leave."


9."There's a line from Nick in New Girl that describes being well off as 'filling your gas tank up all the way rich.' That was the rich I wanted to be. Comfortable. Also, not having to do math in the grocery store to see what food you can buy. I hated that. I wanted to just go buy necessities like gas and food without worrying. Proud to say that now I usually fill my gas tank all the way and don't do math when buying groceries."


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10."Ordering an appetizer and/or dessert at a restaurant in addition to an entrée."


11."Parents buying a car for your 16th birthday."


12."People who had marble counter islands in the kitchen."


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Mint Images / Getty Images/Mint Images RF

13."Having the crayons that have the sharpener built into the box."


14."Having nice teeth that don't cause constant, debilitating pain."


15."Having a basketball hoop in the driveway. I just bought a house and am most proud of the hoop!"


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Andy Ryan / Getty Images

16."Kids who went to summer camp. I got sent to long-distant family and worked on the family farm."


17."I'm showing my age here, but having a shower in your house. Back in the day, only people with money had showers. We all only had baths."


18."Stairs. I've always lived in an apartment, so for me, I really hope that I'll one day have a house with stairs."


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Compassionate Eye Foundation / Getty Images

19."Being able to get a new mattress."


20."Hiring people to either cook, clean, mow the grass, or do snow removal in the winter."


21."Having snacks in the house a week after grocery day."


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D3sign / Getty Images

22."Vacations that weren't visiting family."


23.And lastly: "Indifference. I realized what real wealth meant in high school when we cleaned up trash from a creek and the rich kids wore their Polo shirts, Guess jeans, and Jordans because if they were trashed, they would simply get new ones. The poor kids wore their grubby clothes to do labor in."


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Westend61 / Getty Images/Westend61

What are little signs of wealth that you've observed? Feel free to share in the comments!