Nikki Palikat admits no compatibility with ex-husband Audi Mok

29 Jun - After her previous admission that she and husband Audi Mok are no longer together, Nikki Palikat recently stated that it took her ten years to finally say goodbye to her marriage.

The singer, who appeared at a press conference to reveal her status with the said composer, stated that she blamed the whole thing on the fact that she was too young when she married Audi.

"I didn't know myself that much at that time. Throughout the marriage, there was a lot of things that made me realise that we weren't compatible," she said.

Nikki said that the two of them attended a lot of counselling sessions, and was told that they have a low level of understanding.

Nikki and Audi married in 2009, divorced in 2021, and are good friends today
Nikki and Audi married in 2009, divorced in 2021, and are good friends today

"We are the best of friends. We just aren't compatible as husband and wife. We just can't deceive ourselves anymore," she said.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2009, ended their marriage in March last year.

As for their son Liam, Nikki said that he was given a choice whether to live with Audi or with her, and that Liam was more comfortable with his father seeing that they share similar interests.

On the other hand, Audi believes that his busy schedule might also be a factor in their separation.

"When the pandemic started, I became very busy. Even though this marriage didn't last, I still consider it a blessing because it helped me mature," he added.

The couple have one son together
The couple have one son together

(Photo Source: Nikki Palikat Instagram)