Yoo Hee Yeol & Yoo Jae Seok's bonus track 'Dance King' grows hot

Kim Dong-Joo
Yoo Hee Yeol & Yoo Jae Seok's bonus track 'Dance King' grows hot

A bonus track from Yoo Jae Seok and Yoo Hee Yeol, 'Dance King', is showing a great power.

On November 7th, Yoo Jae Seok and Yoo Hee Yeol's bonus track, 'Dance King', which was released yesterday at noon, debuted #1 on an online music chart.

Park Myung Soo and Primary's 'I Got C' has been ruling in all of the major music charts for a few days, and now, 'Dance King' is threatening 'I Got C'.

'Dace King' was not presented during 'Infinite Challenge Music Festival', and many people have been showing curiosity for the song.

'Dance King' features Yoo Jae Seok's great sense of rhythm, Yoo Hee Yeol's rap, and comic lyrics.

It also seems that many catchy parts in the lyrics will make people to memorize the song much easier.

An online music service website said, "Songs from 'Infinite Challenge Music Festival' are showing huge power until now, and it seems that it will continue for a while."

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