[Video] G-Dragon Loves the Smell of Dirty Dogs

Grace Danbi Hong

After seeing G-Dragon’s affectionate relationship with his puppy, Gaho, fans from all over probably wanted to be reborn as a dog to receive all of his love and care.

But for those of you who thought this, you might want to think again, as Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News revealed Gaho’s dirty secret, and it’s not the one about him peeing and pooping everywhere.

So what is Gaho’s secret?

G-Dragon says, “I love this smell…the smell of an unclean dog.”

We′re not exactly sure why anyone would love the smell of a dirty dog, but hey, it′s G-Dragon.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (grace@cj.net)
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