Nancy Wu fulfills promise of nude photo for ratings

14 Jun ā€“ After promising fans that she will be sharing a nude photo of herself if her new drama exceeds one billion in click rate, Nancy Wu recently made good on her words.

As reported on Phoenix, following the "Deep in the Realm of Conscience" success in its latest viewership ratings, the actress uploaded a full-frontal nude picture of herself... a baby, that is.

"I see your one billion hits, and raise you a deuce. Congratulations to ["Deep in the Realm of Conscience"] for breaking a billion hits," wrote the actress.

The said photo was an old picture of Nancy as a naked baby being carried by her parents on an inflatable float. She also added a flower sticker to cover the private parts.

It was the same throwback photo Nancy shared back in 2016.

Instagram followers who saw the photo couldn't help but laugh, with one commenting, "Well played."

(Photo source: Nancy Wu Instagram)