Nancy Sit performs at Michael Lai commemorative concert

13 Jan – Nancy Sit believes that good friend Michael Lai is somewhere out there listening as she and several others performed at the commemorative concert held recently to pay tribute to him.

As reported on Mingpao, the veteran star who appeared alongside other performers like Alex To, Vivian Lai, and Janice Vidal at the "To Michael with Love Forever" concert held at the Macpherson Stadium in Mongkok, stated that she could almost feel him during the performance.

"It felt different from my previous concerts, [him] telling me not to be emotional or to cry," she said.

Even after more than a month since the composer's passing, Nancy stated that she would think of him from time to time.

"We have worked together for many years. I often go online to watch clips of our cooperation, and will think about him," she said.

Nancy also expressed her gratitude to all the entertainment agencies who cooperated with her to make the show a success.

"The proceeds from this concert will be used to help children in need. I believe this is the wish of my old friend," she said.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)