Nancy Sit defends daughter-in-law over indecent videos

20 Jun – Nancy Sit has recently defended her daughter-in-law over reports of her involvement in an indecent video that have been circulating the internet.

As reported on Mingpao, the veteran actress who had just recently celebrated the union between her son Jackson Shek and daughter-in-law Zoe Chan, released a statement to the media, denying that Zoe was the woman seen in the video.

The statement further read that all the information about Zoe being involved in the video are false, and that the family is urging the media and public to stop spreading it and further damaging their reputation.

Nancy also threatened to file a lawsuit, saying that she has already handed the case over to her lawyer for further action.

On the other hand, Jackson's sister and Nancy's eldest daughter Justina also confirmed that the woman in the video is not Zoe.

"You can see that it is totally a different person at first glance," she said.

Justine also stated that both Nancy and Jackson are not affected by the rumours at all, and that the couple are currently too busy to pay attention to fabricated news.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)