Naim Daniel holds record for singing upside down

23 Mar - Naim Daniel is elated to receive the honour of being in the Malaysia Book of Records for his previous upside-down performance at the Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL).

Sharing the good news on social media on 22 March, the singer expressed, "I am lost in joy right now. A good start for me before stepping into the month of Ramadan this year."

"Thank you, thank you for the support and love of all of you who have supported my career from the beginning until today. Today, another history is recorded for my journey as an artiste, and it will not stop here, as long as I am still breathing from the support and prayers that you give to me," he added.

He also dedicated the honour to all the artistes who have the bravery to achieve something new.

Naim previously went viral for performing his song "Mainan" at the annual music competition while being hung from the ceiling.

The actor had since urged everybody not to emulate the stunt for clout, stressing that he only performed so after consulting help from the professionals.

The singer performed upside down at AJL last February
The singer performed upside down at AJL last February

(Photo Source: Naim Daniel IG)