MOS Burger staff loudly slams items in store after elderly employee gets GrabFood order wrong, MOS Burger responds

A MOS Burger staff was caught on video slamming items within the store after his elderly co-worker mixed up a GrabFood order.

The 8 minute-long video was filmed and uploaded on TikTok by a GrabFood rider, James Ong (@james_sg88), who wore a body camera to document his delivery experience. The video, which took place at MOS Burger’s outlet in Toa Payoh HDB Hub, starts with the rider going to the counter to collect his food before realising that the elderly staff had mistakenly given his order to the wrong person.

mos burger - staff slamming cabinet door

A younger staff member then started walking around the kitchen to prepare the correct GrabFood order. While doing so, he could be heard slamming cabinet doors and banging things loudly, showcasing his disdain and anger at the situation.

James then asked the elderly staff, “What’s his problem?” as the younger staff continued to throw a tantrum from within the MOS Burger kitchen. As the loud bangs went on, James told the other customers in the store: “I’m recording everything, I [have] a camera here.” He emphasised that once he sent the video to the manager of the store or uploaded it on Facebook, the younger staff that was causing the commotion would be fired.

The other customers in the store were also noticeably startled by the loud noises and clattering from within the kitchen, with James telling them: “I think you shouldn’t dine in, I think you should make a move. You still can eat meh, like that?” While the younger staff was preparing the order, his elderly co-worker could be seen standing outside the counter, looking frightened.

mos burger - elderly staff handing over order

When the delivery order was finally ready, the younger staff placed it on the counter, yelled unintelligibly, then slammed down on something in the kitchen. The elderly staff immediately went to pack the order for James, who thanked him and asked: “Everything okay anot?”

mos burger - netizen comments

The video has gone viral on TikTok since it was uploaded, garnering over 800 thousand views and 46 thousand likes at the time of writing. The younger staff’s actions drew uproar from netizens, who criticised him for his behaviour and poor treatment of his older co-worker and expressed their sympathy towards the elderly staff.

Following a query from Stomp, a MOS Burger spokesperson revealed that the company was aware of the incident and had launched an internal investigation. The spokesperson added that they would implement new measures and training programmes to avoid such incidents happening again in the future.

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