MONSTA expresses condolences to Nabil Zamanhuri's family

27 May – Animonsta Studios (MONSTA) has expressed condolences to the family of the late Nabil Zafril Zamanhuri, 37, better known as Nabil Mentor.

In a social media entry that was posted on 26 May, the company expressed their gratitude to the singer for lending his voice for two characters in their popular animated series, "BoBoiBoy".

"Thank you for helping us cheer up children around the world by lending voices to the characters of Captain Kaizo and Maripos," the company stated. "May the late Nabil Zafril Zamanhuri be blessed and placed among the faithful."

"Condolences to all family members. Al-Fatihah," they added.

Nabil was revealed to have passed away in his residence in Bukit Indah, Ampang in the morning of 26 May, believed to be from a heart attack, before being rushed to the Ampang Hospital for an autopsy.

His body is now safely buried at the Ukay Perdana Islamic Cemetery on the same day. He left behind his wife Adelia Citra Hapsari and two daughters, Aluna Calista, 7, and Starra, 3.

Nabil left behind his wife and two children
Nabil left behind his wife and two children

(Photo Source: Nabil Zamanhuri IG, MONSTA IG)