Mimi Chu confirms filming "Armed Reaction V" in 2020

30 Dec – Veteran actress Mimi Chu recently confirmed that there will be a fifth instalment of the hit TVB franchise, "Armed Reaction".

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke about the project with the media at an event, stated that she will be involved in the project two years after her last TVB series and will reprise her role as Wong Yee Mui.

"Of course, it won't star all of the original cast members. I don't think Bobby Au Yeung will be in it. But I heard Joyce Tang will return," she said.

Asked if TVB has negotiated a lower remuneration for her due to the current financial situation of the company, Mimi said that she is already working with a low salary.

"You can't rely on salary from TVB. We're using the series as a promotional platform. It's benefiting both parties mutually," she said.

The last instalment of the said series, "Armed Reaction IV", was aired back in 2003.

The upcoming project reportedly will begin production in February 2020.

(Photo Source: HK01)