Mickey Huang not interested to return to his column

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5 May – Mickey Huang recently stated that he has no plans to renew cooperation with a particular online magazine, after the problem he had with it earlier.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the TV personality, who recently spoke about the issue and the subsequent apology from the magazine, stated that the matter is already over.

"There are other publishing houses who want me to publish books or write columns for them. I am flattered and moved, but no, I won't be doing that. I thank them for the offer," he said.

Mickey previously took to social media to express his frustration over realising that his articles, which he wrote diligently despite his hectic workload and having the need to take care of his child, were reedited and cut from around 4,000 characters to 400.

The TV host said that while he understands that changes may be made to his writing, it hurt him that he was not informed or contacted for discussion before the edits were made. He then announced that he will be quitting the column.

The magazine had since apologised, saying that the articles were edited due to the changes in the website, though admitted that they were at fault for not discussing the issue with Mickey prior to publication.

The host is currently busy balancing career and home life
The host is currently busy balancing career and home life

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