Michelle Ye has no issue making a comeback

22 Jan – Although it has been a while since she starred in a Hong Kong movie or series, Michelle Ye stated that she doesn't actually have any issue returning to Hong Kong showbiz.

As reported on Topick, the actress who spoke about her acting career, revealed that she has never made it a rule to get involved in a Hong Kong production, but that she has yet to find the right script and the right timing.

"I am from Hong Kong, so of course I would be glad to contribute to our industry," she added.

At the same time, Michelle admitted that she also enjoyed doing other behind-the-scenes work, like producing and screen-writing.

"I like to be a screenwriter because it's the most creative work. Directors, producers, and actors' creativity would all depend on the script," she said.

The actress also revealed that she has actually been a writer for the past eight years, with her first screenplay being "The Ninth Widow", which she wrote using the pseudonym Phoenix.

"I didn't use my real name at the time because I was afraid people would have their biases when reading the script. It's been a few years now, so I think it's okay to let other people know," she added.

(Photo Source: Sohu)