MC Jin pays homage to Stephen Chow in new MV

8 Dec - MC Jin is elated that the renowned comedy auteur Stephen Chow agreed to make a cameo in his music video.

His voice, that is.

The rapper recently released the music video of his new song, "Nobody", in which he paid homage to a variety of Stephen Chow's movies, from "Shaolin Soccer", "Kung Fu Hustle", "God of Cookery", as well as "Out of the Dark" as he moves from various places in Hong Kong including Central and Sham Shui Po.

In the last minute of the MV, MC Jin's character was contacted by Stephen, who uttered his dialogue from "Out of the Dark", which is, "Hello! Can you beat me?"

 MC Jin has always been inspired by Stephen Chow's movies
MC Jin has always been inspired by Stephen Chow's movies

The rapper admitted that he is elated that the new song was blessed by THE Stephen Chow himself, saying that he has always used elements from Stephen's movies in his works.

"Because I think that in so many of Stephen's movies in the past, he likes to use ordinary folks as the main character. How you establish your own status so that others know that even though you are a small fry, you are very capable."

MC Jin stated that he was inspired after communicating with Stephen, saying that in recent years, he has often thought about what nobody is.

"In fact, it is only a thin line from someone, because even if you are famous, there may be people who don't know you. I want to bring out the message through "NOBODY". In fact, everyone is nobody and also somebody," he said.

MC Jin meets with Stephen Chow recently
MC Jin meets with Stephen Chow recently

Meanwhile, Stephen also promoted the new MV, writing on social media, "We often look up to great people simply because they never underestimate themselves. Ordinary individuals, on the other hand, often bring the greatest surprises to the world. I hope this song can encourage us in the vast universe and also inspire those with remarkable talents. Shout out to @iammcjin for the fantastic beat!"

(Photo Source: Stephen Chow IG, MC Jin IG)