MC Jin does not regret not going to college

17 Jul – Although he had forgone college to pursue his rap career, Chinese-American rapper MC Jin said that he would speak to his son first before letting him make his own decision when it comes to his studies.

As reported on Mingpao, the rapper, who attended a TVB event to encourage students who are taking their Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) exam, shared that he wants to encourage his six-year-old son Chance and let him know the difference between being educated and not.

"I would be persistent in teaching him manners. It doesn't matter how many schools you go to, it's useless if you still come out a rude person with an attitude problem," he said.

MC Jin stated that his son is talented in playing computer games, and that he has no qualms letting his kid to be an e-sports athlete in the future.

As for his advice to students who will be taking their exams soon, MC Jin said, "The most important thing to know is that your success now does not determine a smooth future. This is just another stop in life."

"If you ask me if I regret not going to college, I will say no. I chose this path myself," he added.

(Photo Source: MC Jin Instagram)