Mayanne Mak's mother mistaken as Jacqueline Wong's parent

6 May – TVB host Mayanne Mak recently revealed that her mother has recently been dragged into the whole brouhaha surrounding Jacqueline Wong and Andy Hui's affair.

As reported on Mingpao, the TV personality, whose mother operates a shop in Vancouver, Canada, shared that the Chinese community in the area had mistakenly identified her as Jacqueline Wong's parent and pointed fingers at her for all the wrong reasons.

"I was surprised when I heard about this misunderstanding. My mum has been living in Canada for a while now, and the whole neighbourhood knows her. She is easily recognised and does not look like Jacqueline's mother at all," she said.

Mayanne also revealed that her mother is well acquainted with the Wongs, who are also living in the same city.

However, the TVB host assured that it was just a simple misunderstanding and that it had not badly affected their lives. It was previously reported that GEM has already filed a case in retaliation following Hummingbird's decision to sue her for breach of contract. She has also recently established her own work studio.

(Photo Source: Mayanne Mak Instagram)