Mat Yeung admits business has suffered from pandemic

23 Mar – Mat Yeung recently admitted that business has continued to suffer since the pandemic.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media at the promotional event of his new drama, "Airport Strikers", shared that his chain of restaurants STEW still has customers in the day but not as much at night.

"The Wan Chai branch doesn't even get any customer at night. Fortunately, we are still okay. I haven't had the need to fire anybody, but I haven't hired anybody new either. I hope to keep the long-time employees," he said.

Mat also added that he will be discussing the rent again with the landlord in hopes that they will be generous enough to lower it further.

On the other hand, when mentioned that girlfriend Lisa Ch'ng recently caught the bouquet at her sister Jacquelin's wedding, the actor smiled and said many friends texted him afterwards asking if they are going next.

"Our parents and grandparents have not rushed us into doing so, so we'll just let it be," he added.

(Photo Source: Mat Yeung Instagram)