Marvel's Spider-Man 2 could be dabbling in the multiverse

 Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 gameplay screenshot
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 gameplay screenshot

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fans are speculating the sequel could incorporate multiverse elements.

This all stems from a PlayStation Blog post that came shortly after the new Marvel's Spider-Man 2 trailer earlier this week at the PlayStation Showcase for May 2023. The fan just below, joined by tonnes of others on Twitter, thinks that because a specific iteration of Earth is mentioned in the PlayStation Blog post, this alludes to the multiverse entering Insomniac's sequel.

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"I mean he’s been apart of multiversal stuff already both in comics and he’s in the movie so," responds one Twitter user, pointing out Spider-Man's extensive history in the multiverse. After all, we're due for another multiverse escapade next month when Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse releases in theatres on June 2, in which Insomniac's Spider-Man actually has a cameo.

Even Spider-Man: No Way Home just a few years ago ventured into the multiverse on the big screen for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There's definitely a lot of history that ties in Spider-Man to various multiverse plots and strands, but we don't know yet whether Insomniac's sequel will actually lean into these elements at all, or just stick firmly to its own dimension.

If it does go full multiverse, the sequel stands to get even more packed than it already is. We know the likes of Venom, Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, Wraith, Black Cat, Taskmaster, and other villains will be fighting Peter Parker and Miles Morales, making for one stacked character roster. If that gets even bigger with multiverse threats, could it be a little too much for just one game to handle?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2's latest trailer didn't reveal a release date, but Insomniac says it's coming soon. Elsewhere in the fan theories department, some think we're in for a very different spin on Venom, and there's actually some pretty compelling evidence from the comics backing it up.

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