Mark Lee on balancing studies and relaxation for son, who is taking PSLE this year

The Singapore actor and comedian also advised parents against calling their children 'stupid', as it could cause them to lose their self confidence.

Mark Lee with his son Marksonn. (Photo: Instagram/marklee4444)
Mark Lee with his son Marksonn. (Photo: Instagram/marklee4444)

As the topic of mental wellness becomes more pertinent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that parenting styles are gradually evolving as well.

Local actor Mark Lee is definitely taking notice of his children’s mental wellness, though he’s not the only one, as former actress Jacelyn Tay shared similar views about her son’s education. Like Tay, Lee’s son Maksonn is taking his PSLE this year.

Lee told AsiaOne that his children get 60 to 90 minutes of rest time that are split into half-hour breaks throughout the day.

The comedian also has two daughters Calista, 15, and Calynn, 10, with wife Catherine Ng.

Lee, 54, explained, “For children, if you keep getting them to study, they have already completed their studies, what more is there to study? They should have a break to do what they like to do, even to nap for half an hour, play badminton or basketball, anything, just have their own fun time.

“I cannot have my children revise their work for three to five hours, because adults also need a break after sitting in front of the computer for two to three hours.”

Don't call children 'stupid' if they are not performing

He doesn’t have an expectation of his children to achieve certain grades.

Instead, he focuses on them having the “correct attitude” so they can go far in life when they enter society.

Lee is also aware that children have different learning abilities, so you can’t force them to come in first.

“Even adults can't take stress sometimes, not to mention children. Don't stress them, let them grow happily. Learning is important, but sometimes you just have to let go,” he told AsiaOne.

And if they’re not performing, Lee advised against scolding or labelling them, as it might hurt their self-confidence.

He said, “If your child's learning ability is not that strong, then give them one more year to build up their confidence and learning. Don't force them or call them stupid, because this may lead them to lose their self-confidence and cause them hurt.”

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