Mario Ho and Laurinda Ho had a fall-out?

2 Jun – Rumours are rife that there is a fall-out between half-siblings Mario Ho and Laurinda Ho.

As reported on Sohu, speculations of rift between the two sparked after eagle-eyed netizens noticed that both Laurinda and Mario are no longer in each other's friends list on both Weibo and Instagram.

Many suggested that the issue stemmed from Mario's previous statement, that despite the attempt of their father - the late casino tycoon Stanley Ho - to buy his children's way into prestigious universities, he relied on his own effort to get into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Many assumed that the businessman was talking about his own sister Sabrina Ho, but he immediately denied it. However, now that Laurinda is unfollowing him - despite their previous closeness - some are speculating that the socialite could be the person he was talking about, and that her enrolment into the Royal Holloway, University of London was through Stanley's help.

When asked about the rumours, both Laurinda and Mario - who appeared at Po Lin Monastery for the first of the seven Buddhist rituals for Stanley Ho's funeral - declined to respond.

(Photo Source: Sohu)