Marco Ngai denies divorce was karma

26 Feb – Marco Ngai dismissed the notion that his marriage failure was karma after supposedly betraying his former actress girlfriend Joyce Tang several years ago.

As reported on On CC, the actor whose marriage with mainland wife Zhang Lihua ended earlier this year after she was caught cheating on him with another man, admitted that he knows what people are saying about the divorce.

"A lot of people think I made a lot of mistakes and that I treated Joyce badly. But I have paid my dues. Thinking about it again, it's hard to say which one of us who wasn't good towards the other. It was just not fated," he said.

Marco stated that rather than not being good to Joyce, it could be said that she was too good for him and thus he lost her.

"Although it's been so long since we separated, I still read the news about her. For example, I saw that she injured her rib cage. Her husband is really great, and I am sure he is a better man for her than I would ever be," he added.

Marco and Joyce started dating after working together in the 1998 series, "Armed Reaction". However, it ended in 2007 after Marco supposedly cheated on Joyce with Zhang whom he later married and subsequently divorced.

On the other hand, Marco also revealed that he will not be a part of the latest instalment of the "Armed Reaction" franchise.

"The original drama was where the two of us started our relationship. I hope the new one will do better, and I wish Joyce a good life," he added.

(Photo Source: On CC)