Manager Willie Chan reveals why he parted ways with Jackie Chan

Manager Willie Chan reveals why he parted ways with Jackie Chan

9 Jun– Working together for more than three decades and becoming the person who made Jackie Chan a superstar, it had been a surprise when artiste manager Willie Chan parted ways with the action star back in 2008.

However, according to Mingpao recently, the reason behind Willie's departure was revealed during an interview with Commercial Radio on 7 June.

Sharing stories about his many clients, Willie, who also served as the executive producer of most of Jackie's classic movies, revealed that he decided to leave Jackie when the actor allegedly began to go overboard with his fame.

"He refused to listen to me and started to socialise only with the wealthy and influential," said Willie. "I thought he no longer needed me and didn't need me to help him with anything anymore."

Willie said that at the time, he thought it was imminent that someone would replace him, so he decided to be the one who initiated the separation.

"I do feel regret when we parted ways," said Willie. "I worked with him for 37 or 38 years, from when he knows no English at all, taking him all over the place to find opportunities, to taking care of his family, the birth of his son, Jaycee, to finding a home for him in the U.S. I took care of everything. How can I not feel any regret?"

However, Willie said that there is no more hard feelings between the two of them now, and that he even participated in Jackie's 60th birthday event last April.