Make-up boo-boos to avoid: Less is more, says beauty blogger Patricia Tee

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter

Each week, Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore profiles a beauty blogger that is based in Singapore. Get to know their beauty secrets and find out how you can improve your daily skincare and make-up regime. This week, we feature Patricia Tee, who runs the blog SweetestSins.

Singapore beauty blogger Patricia Tee (Photo: SweetestSins)

1. How did you start becoming a beauty blogger?

I was in university and some of my closest girlfriends went abroad to further their studies so I could only share my latest beauty haul and current favourite skincare and make-up products with them via Skype.

We kept it up for a while until we couldn’t due to the time difference and then one of them was like, “Hey Patricia, why don’t you pen down your sharings on your blog?” I already had a blog back then, but it was more of documenting my daily life. From then on, SweetestSins became a beauty blog.

2. Can you describe what a typical day is like for you?

I begin my day with some light stretching before I down a glass of lemon mint-infused water. After a hot shower, I dive straight into my morning skincare regime. Breakfast is usually oatmeal, strawberry banana greek yogurt smoothie or toast with eggs along with a cup of Americano before I’m off to work. My weekday evenings are spent either working out a sweat by jogging, catching up with my girlfriends or spending time with my family.

3. What’s your morning beauty regime?

Cleanse > Tone > Serum > Moisturizer > Sunblock > BB Cream, blusher and lip gloss

4. What’s your night-time beauty regime?

Cleanse > Tone > Gel Mask > Serum > Moisturizer

5. What are your current favourite beauty products? Why?

The MD Dermatics cucumber mask as it feels very cooling on my skin, calms skin by reducing redness and moisturises my skin. My Clarins scrub for its gentleness on the skin, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

6. What is the most common beauty mistake you’ve heard or seen Singaporeans making? How would you wish to correct it?

Eyebrows that look too straight and overly thick eyeliner that resembles a semicircle. Sometimes, less is more. A lot of girls don’t realise make-up is used to enhance one’s look instead of changing it.

7. Is there a beauty or make-up secret that you swear by?

Facial massages are a must to keep that healthy glow on!

8. How big is your beauty collection now?

While I wouldn’t consider my beauty collection to be massive, it isn’t your average girl’s collection as well. I used to buy a lot of skincare and make-up products on a monthly basis, but have cut down since, only succumbing to the brands that I really love and products that cater to my sensitive combination skin.

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