Beauty secrets by Mongchin Yeoh of MONGABONG

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter

Each week, Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore profiles a beauty blogger based in Singapore. Get to know their beauty secrets and find out how you can improve your daily skincare and make-up regime. This week, we feature Mongchin Yeoh, who runs the blog MONGABONG.

Singapore beauty blogger Mongchin Yeoh (Photo: Mongchin Yeoh)

1. How did you start becoming a beauty blogger?

I was of course, very into beauty and I used to read beauty-related blogs and watch videos all the time. I was inspired by how much these bloggers helped me with their reviews, and I wanted to do the same for my friends – that’s when I started out my blog, and the readers grew from friends, to friends of friends, and so on!

2. Can you describe what a typical day is like for you?

I wake up pretty early every day, send my boyfriend to work, then head to my first appointment. My schedule isn’t fixed, so sometimes it would be a morning shoot, filming, meeting, or event, etc.

Typically, I continue with these things – shoots, meetings and events back-to-back – until the end of the day. After that, I head home and continue editing photos or videos, or writing blog articles. (Sounds pretty boring huh? Hahaha)

3. What’s your morning beauty regime?

I’ll start with cleanser, toner, then I’ll layer about two serums, moisturiser, eye cream, and finally, sunblock.

4. What’s your nighttime beauty regime?

Cleanser, face mask, toner, two to three serums (heavier ones), night cream, eye cream, facial oil or sleeping mask. As much as possible, I’ll do a face mask at night, about three times a week.

Singapore beauty blogger Mongchin Yeoh (Photo: Mongchin Yeoh)

5. What are your current favourite beauty products? Why?

Right now, I’m loving the NARS Aqua Glow Cushion Foundation because it gives me such a flawless and glowy finish! It works magic on my pores by making them disappear. Skincare wise, I’ve been loving SUM:37 secret essence – this is an anti-ageing serum that helps to make my skin fuller, plumper and more radiant.

6. What is the most common beauty mistake you’ve heard about or seen Singaporeans making?

Putting on too much foundation or powder. With our hot and humid weather, base makeup tends to last for a shorter period of time. With that in mind, many Singaporeans tend to pile on heavy layers of makeup at the start of the day, thinking it will last longer throughout the rest of the day.

However, with that, they end up with unnatural-looking skin that is often ‘cakey’ and might even cause clogged pores if not removed properly.

What I recommend is to always have a BB Cushion in your purse. Less is always more when it comes to makeup, and working in small and thin layers is the key to having a nicely built-up base. With a BB Cushion on-hand, you can touch up your foundation on the go, and also only work on specific areas that need to be touched up.

7. Is there a beauty secret that you swear by?

I don’t know if this is a secret, but I love to keep a hydrating mist with me all the time! I’ve got dry skin, so makeup tends to settle into the fine lines and cling to dry patches throughout the day. I mist my face every three hours or so, just to keep my skin hydrated and makeup looking fresh.

8. How big is your beauty collection now?

Wow… Haha. I’m guilty to say that it has overspilled all my shelves! I’ve got so much makeup that it literally lines the walkway into my room. But with that said, I’m very happy to share some of them with my friends and family, and I sometimes host giveaways for my followers as well.

Singapore beauty blogger Mongchin Yeoh (Photo: Mongchin Yeoh)

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