Majida Housni Shows What Women in the Business World Are Capable of Through Her Brand, Maison Maj

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For centuries, several industries have been dominated by men, but in the last few decades, women have finally been given the right to show the world what they are capable of. Standing among the elite figures in business is Majida Housni, who has built her empire through her brand, Maison Maj.

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Majida Housni’s early life saw her caring for her four younger brothers. Growing up in Casablanca in a close-knit family, she developed some traits that would eventually help her in her career. Majida’s father taught her the freedom of knowledge while her mother emphasized the importance of nurturing. As the eldest daughter in her family, Majida also developed leadership skills while taking on the responsibility to help raise her brothers. She would carry the values her family taught when she started on her entrepreneurial journey, creating Maison Maj and developing the company into the empire it is today.

After spending years traveling the globe and working with the top-tier businessmen and celebrities, Majida Housni would use the knowledge and the experience she accumulated with the birth of her company. Maison Maj is a premier concierge company that strives to deliver some of the most memorable experiences for people looking to dabble in a luxurious lifestyle. The company partners with some of the world’s finest luxury and lifestyle brands, allowing members to enjoy all the concierge services as one of its perks.

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Maison Maj offers various luxury services that range from luxury car and yacht rental to event planning, staffing and much more. The concierge team specializes in acquiring exotic luxury cars for rent. They also provide their clients with yachts for one-night events by the harbor or month-long cruises in the Carribean. Additionally, clients can also acquire the use of a private luxury jet for urgent flights or if they want to travel the air in style. The company also takes pride in its elite team of event planners whose expertise guarantees the best venues for the right events. The team can also conjure a travel plan for their clients, whether they want to take a business trip or go on a vacation.

Nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills, the company also offers a private membership club called the Maison Maj Club, a.k.a. MMC, for people who enjoy some of the greatest luxuries in life. Both brands focus on the importance of building a strong, close-knit community. The club consists of members from different parts of the world with different backgrounds, ethnicities, and professions. Despite their diverse roots, the members of Maison Maj Club all share the same goal of pursuing excellence.

Since its genesis, Maison Maj has bagged several accomplishments for its approach to providing an all-around service. Its partnership with Rome Nightclub has been instrumental in helping Maison Maj grow in popularity. The company has already made its impact in over 25 countries worldwide with a community that spans across the worlds of fashion, art, media, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Majida Housni has revealed that her greatest drive in her journey is the hope to change the business world by breaking gender norms. With women only holding a minority of management positions, she endured through trials and tribulations to exemplify the ultimate force of womanhood while bringing beauty to their special life. Majida hopes to turn Maison Maj into a household brand not just in North America but throughout the globe.

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