Maison Margiela Replica Fragrances' pop-up is now at Paragon

Maison Margiela opens at Takashimaya. PHOTO: Maison Margiela
Maison Margiela opens at Takashimaya. PHOTO: Maison Margiela

Replica Fragrance pop-up at Paragon, Level 1

From now until 15 September, you get to reminisce on cherished memories at the Maison Margiela Replica Fragrance pop-up at Paragon level 1. Try out each of the 15 scents, including the latest When the Rain Stops Replica scent. Scents evoke memories, and the Replica range does it best.

Crafted through the synergy of aquatic accord, rose petals, bergamot oil and patchouli When the Rain Stops evokes the feeling of a tranquil sky, rain puddles and an earthy aroma in the air. The scent also conjures the sun's rays, exuding positive energy and reconnecting you to nature.

Exclusively at the pop-up, experience a showcase of Replica’s bath and body collection, formulated with premium ingredients and finished in Maison Margiela’s iconic stitch packaging. Add personal touches to the brand's signature cotton bottle label when you purchase the 100ml Replica perfume. Moreover, you can also customise your fragrance pouch by printing a polaroid from your personal photo album.

The Replica pop-up is at Paragon Lobby, Level 1, until 15 September.

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Maison Margiela Fragrances’ flagship boutique at Takashimaya Mall

No time to check out the pop-up before 15 September? Head to Maison Margiela Fragrances’ flagship boutique is at Takashimaya Mall (#B1-14), Ngee Ann City. The flagship fragrance boutique houses the entire 'Replica' Collection, including 15 fragrances and seven candles.

For the uninitiated, Replica refers to the concept introduced in 1994 by Paris-based fashion brand Maison Margiela, where vintage clothing and accessories are handpicked worldwide for their universality and timelessness.

Visiting the all-white and luxurious boutique goes beyond a mere shopping experience. It is akin to a visual treat and olfactory discovery of the senses, complete with insta-worthy backdrops.

Olfactive Discovery Zone

Olfactory Discovery and Novelty Highlight Zone. PHOTO: Maison Margiela
Olfactory Discovery and Novelty Highlight Zone. PHOTO: Maison Margiela

At the Olfactive Discovery Zone, each scent from the Replica fragrance collection is personified on-screen with imageries based on a meaningful memory, provenance and period in time. This display includes the full line of 15 Replica fragrances.

Novelty Highlight Zone

Here, you can immerse yourself in the boutique's bestselling scents or new launches. This zone will be updated bi-annually to keep it fresh for shoppers.

Personalisation Zone

Personalisation zone. PHOTO: Maison Margiela
Personalisation zone. PHOTO: Maison Margiela

Coming to our shores is the brand’s signature personalised service, which allows customers to add detailed touches to the brand’s signature cotton bottle label onto their chosen Maison Margiela’s 100ml Replica perfume bottle. Wish to personalise a gift further? Pick a photo from your smartphone and send it for print as a polaroid in the boutique. Thereafter, you get to pick a theme card, box sleeve and coloured rope – available in various colours.

Home Scenting Zone

PHOTO: Maison Margiela
PHOTO: Maison Margiela

Move along to the Home Scenting Zone, which is reimagined into a relaxed home furnished with curtains and a sofa. Take your time to discover Replica's product line of candles. The scents, made with a blend of high-quality mineral waxes and up to 12 per cent of perfume concentrate, promise the ideal olfactory results. The scents include Lazy Sunday Morning, Jazz Club, Beach Vibes, By The Fireplace, Springtime In A Park, Whispers In The Library and Bubble Bath.

And while you are in the boutique, look out for its exclusive line of cotton-made single-wicked candles, which burns for 40 hours each, which is available in one size, 165g.

If you are looking for that alluring scent to call your own or that hygge factor in your home, consider Maison Margiela’s Fragrances.

Maison Margiela Fragrances is at Takashimaya Mall, #B1-14.

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