Louis Koo is finding ways to help the Hong Kong film industry

5 Feb – Louis Koo recently revealed that the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild is working hard to overcome the dire situation surrounding the film industry.

As reported on HKET, the actor who also serves as the President of the said guild, shared that he has been in discussions with the Hong Kong's Federation of Film Workers to come up with several options to survive the "winter age".

"We will announce the plans later after deliberation," he said.

Louis stressed that he understands the difficulties that the artistes and film crew are going through, having had to face the consequences of the Hong Kong protests and the subsequent situation concerning the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus.

Tin Kai Man, who heads the Hong Kong's Federation of Film Workers, stated that they are hoping to discuss the issue with the government and find ways to help those in need - particularly the people who work behind the scenes.

It is noted that several movies and television projects have already been halted following the epidemic, with Donnie Yen's "Polar Rescue" stopping midway while shooting in the Changbai Mountains, and Wong Jing's "Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre" could not commence production for similar reasons.

(Photo Source: Louis Koo Instagram)