Live your best life: Supparetreat is a wellness retreat that aims to positively change your mindset

Reta Lee
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SINGAPORE — When it comes to wellness retreats, there are many to choose from in this region - from digital detox to yoga - that are designed to help you unwind and relax. What the women-only Supparetreat does differently is that they carve out a mix of programmes that not only reset your mindset, but with the goal to empower women in a safe space.


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(PHOTO: Suppagood)

With about two retreats in a year, founder Sarah Lian finds it crucial to create something for busy women today, so they can take a step back to recharge and gain wisdom from those who can offer it. “Supparetreat started out as an internal retreat as a quick getaway for my companies Suppagood Talent and Suppagood PR. Aside from a torturous 3-hour hike, we created a programme which included workshops. We could share (life experiences) in a safe environment and cooking wholesome meals, while being sensitive to our dietary and advocacy talents (zero-waste and vegan). After the success of our first retreat, we have since evolved from a by-invitation retreat to producing retreats for women,” Sarah shares.

Sarah Lian, founder of Supparetreat. (PHOTO: Suppagood)

The retreat is targeted at women who are in their 20s and above, who start gaining independence once they’re out in the workforce. Sarah also realises that most of the women who signed up are in their 30s: “I believe this is for every woman of every age looking to rediscover herself, or realign her own purpose. We created the programme to build a safe space around their journey and they can take what they can from it.”

The recent retreat in April 2019 was held at the beautiful YTL’s Pangkor Laut Resort, which is just a short boat ride away from the Marina jetty in Lumut. Guests can opt to stay in rooms up at the hillside or the water chalets.

(L to R): Rachael Kwacz, Hannah Lo, Sarah Lian and Dian Lee. (PHOTO: Suppagood)

Some of the programmes that were lined up included a sharing session by founder Sarah on recognising our inner strength and using it as a skillset; child & family development specialist Rachael Kwacz on being brave and demanding greatness from ourselves; Hannah Lo, a women’s relationship coach on breathing techniques and being in-tune with our bodies; as well as Dian Lee, a yoga teacher.

After each retreat, Sarah hopes that the participants gain a positive experience: “Our lives have become so disconnected, and people can feel alone or alienated from their own lives that they create. When I see the immediate change in the way these women look at themselves, I know that the essence of Supparetreat and the power of the individual is what makes our retreats so different from others.

Yoga teacher Dian Lee. (PHOTO: Suppagood)

“It is multifaceted, it is holistic and balanced, we have elements of yoga and meditation, yet touch on personal development and self. We include pampering ‘me-time’ for each woman to just enjoy themselves. We’ve selected beautiful locations around Malaysia, so you’re not too far from the city, but far enough to enjoy your time away.”

One of the participants, Mel who’s based in Singapore, shared she was initially apprehensive about attending this retreat. “(I was) scared, anxious and thoroughly uncomfortable. But what I’ve found is an insurmountable surge of love and unforgettable memories. The coaches throw so much of themselves into empowering us, and the women on this journey are some of the most inspiring and courageous women I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I walk away from Supparetreat with so many tools that I can now utilise in my own life, but more than that, I walk away with some amazing new friendships.”

(PHOTO: Suppagood)

Chantelle* also seconded that thought: “At Supparetreat I experienced first-hand the power of a group of women coming together, and through facilitation, lifting each other up into a higher, happier state of being. It was beautiful and transformational to say the least. I would recommend this to any woman who is looking to make a breakthrough, or who has endured past hurts that is subconsciously holding them back from fulfilling the true greatness of their destiny. The amazing thing about this retreat is while you are in the same community of women, everyone gets to transform in their own unique way - which happens to be the transformation they each need the most.”

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This story is the result of a trip that was sponsored by Supparetreat.

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