Lisa-Marie Tse on topless photo: That's not me!

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23 Sep – Lisa-Marie Tse has recently addressed the issue of her supposed topless photos that had recently gone viral online, confirming that the person in the photo is not her.

As reported on Mingpao, the newly-crowned Miss Hong Kong who appeared at the taping of a TVB show recently, stated that she had already seen the said photo and noticed that there was no similarity between herself and the woman in the said photo.

"The face is not even similar. She has a mole on her body. The picture looks like it was taken on a boat. She is also much skinnier than I am. I do not have such a nice body," she said.

Asked if she was upset over people thinking that it was her, Lisa stated that she was not affected at all.

"I am more conservative. I would never take this kind of photos," she added.

On the other hand, when mentioned that she recently received an offer for an ad, Lisa stated that she was elated to be getting work this soon.

Asked if she is luckier compared to last year's winner Carmaney Wong, who didn't get to do a lot, the beauty queen said that it was only due to the pandemic that her predecessor didn't get a lot of offers.

"I am not so sure either whether there will be more jobs soon or whether there will be any more later," she added.

(Photo Source: Lisa-Marie Tse Instagram)