Lin Chi-ling to move to Japan after wedding?

15 Nov – Rumour has it that Lin Chi-ling will be moving with husband Akira to his home country following their upcoming wedding.

As reported on China Press, the actress, who will be holding her private reception on 17 November, will reportedly settle in Japan soon after to focus on her wifely duties and to care for her father-in-law.

The rumour has not bode well with Lin's fans, with many expressing concern that her showbiz career will end with such decision.

One netizen commented, "In China, she is a goddess, but in Japan, she will only be a good companion to her in-laws."

Lin surprised many back in June when she announced her marriage to the Japanese singer.

Their upcoming wedding, which will only be attended by relatives and close friends, will be a 12-table affair to be held in Tainan.

(Photo Source: Lin Chi-ling Instagram)