Li Xian replaces Kris Wu in "A Story of Hairpin"?

3 Dec– Rumours are rife that Kris Wu has been replaced by another actor, Li Xian as the lead for new Chinese drama, "A Story of Hairpin".

According to Sohu, reports that the 28-year-old was allegedly cast to replace Kris came after netizens expressed dissatisfaction over rumours that the latter would have more scenes than his co-star Yang Zi, despite the fact that the original story revolves around Yang's character.

Many speculated that Kris' departure may also have something to do with the fandom war between his and Yang's fans.

Yang previously dismissed the rumours of top billing issue, saying that the production company is handling everything accordingly.

However, despite the rumours, it is noted that Kris and Yang's names still remain on the official Weibo page for the said drama.

Prior to the new project, Yang and Li worked together in the summer series, "Go Go Squid!"

"A Story of Hairpin" is based on the Ce Ce Qing Han novel, "Memoirs of the Golden Hairpin" and revolves around a famous female detective during the Tang Dynasty named Huang Zixia.