Leanne Li unveils her first cookbook

7 Feb – Leanne Li's first ever cookbook is completed, and the actress is elated to finally share it with her fans.

According to Mingpao, the actress, who held a press conference to announce the release of "Warmth: A Man's Kitchen" (translated title), reiterated her previous responses that she is not trying to teach people how to cook through the book, but that it serves as a record of her growth when it comes to cooking.

"I was originally a chef from hell. I would always put MSG in my cooking, so my husband would make fun of my dishes," she said.

Leanne shared that she used to make miso soup using a lot of flavour enhancer that husband Wong Cho Lam ended up drinking a few glasses of water to rinse it down.

"I really felt like a failure that it made me cry," she added.

After successfully learning how to cook from both her mother and her grandmother, Leanne said that she hopes the book will encourage women like her to work hard.

On the other hand, when asked why Wong didn't come to the event to support her, Leanne stated that her husband has been too busy with work.

Nonetheless, the actor did sent in a message through video to congratulate her for the release of her first book, as did good friend Linda Chung and Christine Kuo.

On the other hand, her fellow Amazing Esthers (as they call themselves) Eliza Sam and Grace Wong attended the event to show their support, and presented Leanne with a gift of flowers and a Wonder Woman apron.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)