Laurinda Ho actually had been engaged to Shawn Dou for three years

2 May – Laurinda Ho recently revealed that she and newly-wedded husband Shawn Dou had actually been engaged for three whole years before their wedding in Bali last month.

In a recent interview with the media, the heiress and businesswoman stated that Shawn actually popped the question prior to the pandemic, and that they were planning to get married that year, until it had to be delayed due to her father, casino tycoon Stanley Ho's passing.

Laurinda stated that the need to mourn the loss, coupled by the unstable situation due to the pandemic, caused the couple to postpone their wedding until three years later.

Speaking about the proposal, Laurinda stated that Shawn popped the question with a USD3 ring that was too small for her while they were in a hotel room during a vacation.

"He said that he was in a hurry at the time and that it was the only ring that was available. It really moved me," she said.

However, Shawn quickly proposed again the next day while they were walking on a beautiful bridge, this time with a 5.97 carat pink diamond ring of the right size.

Laurinda said that she only liked pink diamonds since she was a child, and that her father once said that a boy who wants to marry her in the future must propose with pink diamonds. She had told Shawn the story in the past, and the actor must have kept that information locked in his mind when he proposed to her.

As for why it is 5.97 carat, the socialite stated that it is a combination of her birth date (9 May), as well as her numerology number (7), and that it was designed by Shawn himself.

The couple were married in a lavish wedding in Bali last month
The couple were married in a lavish wedding in Bali last month

(Photo Source: Laurinda Ho IG)