Lau Kong not saddened to lose TVB award to Chow Ka Lok

24 Jan – Veteran actor Lau Kong recently dismissed the idea that he is upset over losing Best Supporting Actor award to Chow Ka Lok at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

In an interview with Mingpao recently, Lau, who was nominated for his performance in "Barrack O'Karma", admitted that he did have some expectations, but would never feel soured about losing - even if Chow is still considered a newcomer compared to his status as the more experienced actor.

"I would describe the awards as just a show. I didn't become an actor for the acknowledgement. It's okay to just be happy and satisfied with your work," he added.

Lau also admitted that he hasn't yet to find a character that he wanted to play or one that he would consider unforgettable.

"But I am not the only one. Many actors, including those who are better than me, have also yet to get the breakthrough role they want. All of them are still waiting for it," he added.

And it looks like the actor may have to find it in different stations or through a big screen project, since he recently announced his departure from TVB after 37 years.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)