LaLa Hsu won't focus on winning at Golden Melody Awards

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3 Jun – Although she is nominated in three categories at the upcoming Golden Melody Awards, Taiwanese singer LaLa Hsu admitted that she is not focusing on winning any of the categories.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who is nominated in Song of the Year for "Prototype" and also Producer of the Year at the upcoming event, stated that she is already thankful that she has been shortlisted, and considered it an affirmation.

"Winning would be a bonus, but I think the most difficult category to win would be Song of the Year, because each and every one of the songs is representative of the singer's work, so whoever gets it, great!" she said.

Among the other contenders for the said category include, Tanya Chua's "Bluebirds", Namewee's "Fragile", WeiBird's "Red Scarf", and ØZI's "Death Trip".

The upcoming Golden Melody Awards will be held in Kaohsiung in July.

LaLa will also be competing with Namewee's 'Fragile'
LaLa will also be competing with Namewee's 'Fragile'

(Photo Source: LaLa Hsu Instagram, Namewee Instagram)

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