Kelly Fu wants to rid of negative rumours in 2018

13 Jan – TVB actress Kelly Fu has several wishes for her 33rd birthday that she celebrated on 6 January, and one of them is to rid herself of all unnecessary scandals.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who celebrated her birthday in an event attended by 100 fans recently, admitted that she has done a number of new dramas over the past couple of years, but all of them were affected by her rumours of romance with multiple wealthy men.

From actor Ron Ng to rich heir Charles Kotewall, Kelly's worst scandal was when she was rumoured to be dating married businessman Benny Chong, whom she was seen with in Milan back in January 2016.

"I wish this year I could focus on my career and maintain a youthful look," she added.

As for her latest project, Kelly shared that she is currently busy filming the new drama, "Justice Pao: The First Year".

"I am still new in this TV business, and I want to do more for the company. They have already given me the biggest gift with a nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category," she said.

(Photo Source: Kelly Fu Instagram)