Kelly Cheung not worried about being compared to Ali Lee

13 Dec – TVB actress Kelly Cheung recently admitted that she is prepared to be compared to Ali Lee, who will not return to the sequel of her own hit series, "Legal Mavericks".

As reported on On CC, Kelly, who is the new addition to the said series, revealed that she plays an ambitious and calculative person who is also deeply in love with Vincent Wong's blind lawyer character, Hope.

When mentioned that her character seemed to have similarities with Ali's character in the original, Kelly acknowledged the resemblance, adding, "There will always be comparisons, but it only motivates me more. I hope I can do the character justice like Ali did with hers."

Rumours of Ali not returning to the sequel sparked as early as November, when it was reported that the TVB actress has been forced to go on a hiatus over her social media posts that seemingly sounded like she was in support of the Hong Kong protests.

Aside from "Legal Mavericks 2", Ali was also replaced in another one of her hit series, "Who Wants a Baby?" by Eliza Sam instead.

(Photo Source: Kelly Cheung Instagram)