Kay Tse breaks Joey Yung record at T+RTHK Awards

11 Jan – Hong Kong singer Kay Tse couldn't help but feel joy over winning Most Excellent Pop Singer at the 41st RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Awards recently.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who bested main contender Joey Yung, ultimately ending the latter's 14-year record, stated that hearing the fans' cheer when her name was announced was the biggest gift to her.

"I will be celebrating with my colleagues later. Juno [Mak] and I thanked each other the day before the award ceremony. He congratulated me today as well," she said.

When asked if she will continue to work with the music producer, Kay said that she and Juno have a two-year cooperation plan.

On the other hand, when asked why husband Louis Cheung wasn't at the awards to support her, Kay said that one parent is needed to take care of the children while the other is away.

"We have a consensus that one of us has to take care of the children at night. Therefore, both of us can't be together at the same event," she said.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)