KathNiel will not stray away from plans

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

14 Jan – Even though many of their celebrity friends are getting married, lovebirds Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo are certain that marriage is not on the cards for them right now.

The couple, who spoke to the media at the finale press conference of their show, "The House Arrest of Us" recently, stressed that everybody has their own journey and that they have already planned theirs carefully.

"We will not be rattled in the decisions we have made. If we're rushing into something, problems will arise, things will go awry. We have to lay things out first," said Padilla.

Bernardo also concurred, saying that she is satisfied at being bridesmaid to her friends for now.

"Let's chill first. We have friends engaged. It is our duty to be the best bridesmaid and groomsman first. Our age is also different from theirs. Like what DJ said earlier, we all have different timings. We're probably comfortable that before jumping into that kind of life, we need to be ready.

We do not want to ruin the relationship just because we are not ready for both," she said.

The two of them also dismissed the idea of living together, saying that they want to be good role models for their siblings. Nonetheless, Padilla and Bernardo assured that they are meant for one another and will remain that way.

"She is perfect for me because first, I always say this, she makes me a better person. That's all for me.. Kathryn is my guide. She is my light," said Padilla.

(Photo Source: Kathryn Bernardo Instagram)