Kalok Chow and Lau Dan will give Ricco Ng some space

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6 May – The cast of "Come Home Love: Lo and Behold" recently stated that they will continue to express their support for co-star Ricco Ng, who was recently tangled up in an indecent video scandal.

As reported on Mingpao, Kalok Chow and veteran star Lau Dan, who appeared at the promotional event for the said situational drama, were recently asked about the issue and the noticeable absence of Ricco at the said event.

"I want to give him plenty of space," said Kalok, when asked if he had tried to contact Ricco. "I haven't learned much about it recently, because I had been busy preparing for a new drama."

Kalok stated that he hasn't heard any rumours about Ricco being suspended from filming the said series, but that it would be unfair for anybody to judge the situation without learning the full extent of the facts.

As for Lau, the veteran actor stated that all he could do is to give comforting words to everybody.

"Let him calm down and slowly get back to himself," he said, adding that the younger generation will be able to bounce back from such a thing.

Ricco made headlines recently after netizens alleged a 12-second video clip of a man showering and touching himself was Ricco. The actor had since turned to the police to help with the case and has yet to make any statements regarding the issue.

(Photo Source: Ricco Ng Instagram)

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