K-pop's CLC member Elkie was TVB's child star

26 Feb – 17-year-old Chong Ting Yan became the first female teen singer from Hong Kong to be joining a K-pop group.

As reported on Mingpao News, Chong, who uses a new stage name, Elkie, joins Cube Entertainment's new girl group CLC, which made its debut with five members in March last year.

Elkie, who is fluent in three languages including English and Korean, is said to be the new addition to the group, aside from another Korean member Eunbin, making CLC a seven-member group.

Although it will be her first debut in Korea, Elkie has appeared in several TVB dramas as a child star, including, "Come On, Cousin!", "The Hippocratic Crush II", and "Sniper Standoff".

Netizens were surprised to find the differences in her appearance as one of the members of CLC and her previous appearances on television, sparking rumours of cosmetic surgery.

(Photo source: fanpiece.com)